Easy and fun lessons in Hungarian, a unique language, which is completely different from most other languages in Europe, with a unique culture behind it.
All levels from total beginner to advanced.

Special offer: 60-minute lesson for 22 euros

Buy a package of 5 lessons for 110 euros. You can take these lessons any time in a period of four months.
The package includes a free introductory talk with the teacher (20 minutes), and free practice materials.
Platform: Skype or Zoom. (Other apps like Viber, etc. are also possible.)
Payment PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. All major currencies are accepted.

Hungarian language practice in a series of five lessons.

The lessons are tailored to your goals and needs.

  • Learn and practise some initial phrases for basic communication.
  • Improve your pronunciation and intonation.
  • Practise everyday situations in a fun way.
  • Extend your vocabulary in everyday topics.
  • Gain confidence in using correct structures in speaking.
  • Practise reading short informative texts.

You can start with a free talk to discuss your goals and schedule or check your level.

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Bring your friends, too.

The price of the package is the same for a small group of 2-4 people, so you can share it if you like.

George, the teacher

A professional native Hungarian teacher with more than 25 years of practice in various areas of language teaching: state and private schools, company courses, one to one tuition, teacher training, etc.
Author, editor, translator and developer of educational books and other materials, software and web sites.
Master of arts in language teaching, linguistics, and literature, with excellent teaching and training skills, and efficient methodology.

What you get

  • pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the lesson
  • fun and enjoyable practice
  • a great chance to improve easily and fast, and gain fluency and confidence
  • lots of homework
  • worksheets and interactive exercises
  • study materials and tips
  • email or chat contact between lessons
  • guaranteed success if you follow the instructions and tips


I always focus on the student's needs and goals, and I conduct the lessons accordingly, in a friendly and humorous atmosphere, with interesting materials and topics; and I show how to practise in a fun way so as to achieve fluency and confidence.
My students have a lot of fun and very good results with me. Of course, you have to practise as much as you can. There isn't a single minute wasted in the lesson; if you're tired after it, we've done a good job..

Popular subjects

  • first impression with the Hungarian language - basic vocabulary with easy structures
  • basic conversation in basic everyday topics
  • easy language for travelling to Hungary
  • developing skills from beginner to pre-intermediate
  • reading everyday texts and speaking about them
  • vocabulary extension in everyday topics
  • pronunciation and intonation development
  • fluency practice with conversation and other exercises

Regular prices

Prices are given in EUR, but other currencies are accepted as well.
Group lessons may have a 30-70% discount per person depending on the size of the group.

Watch out for discounts at the top of this page to get a lower price than these.

  • 30-minute introductory talk with level assessment - €12
  • single prepaid lesson - €32/hour
  • package of 5 prepaid lessons - €29/hour
  • package of 10 prepaid lessons - €25/hour
  • payment by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer

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